CARA NORD is a young winery, and its geographical location, the vines, the climate, the land and the hand of those who work there are all decisive in the creation of the personality of each wine.


Team Leader

I like to make wines in different ways and in different places. I like new projects, creating the wine from the very start, and then coming back to it over time.


Team Leader

In recent years I’ve had the privilege of coming into contact with many wineries and many prestigious brands, and I have managed to mix work with my passion for wine.

We believe that we are an open, dynamic and very specialised team, and would like to introduce ourselves to you:



I look motorbikes and making wine. Making wine isn’t just work, it’s a way of life. As an enologist taking part in this new project from the Prades mountains is really exciting and challenging.


Export Manager

I travel the world talking about wine, and I’m father to three little girls. Sharing wine with many different people is a real pleasure.


Administration Manager

I look after the finances of the winery. Creating wine a long process, so I check the numbers to ensure production never stops. I’m also happy to be a mother.


Head of Production

I am passionate about wine making and climbing. I’m very happy to be part of the Cara Nord project, making wine of great quality in the DO Conca de Barbera, surrounded by the same vines and mountains that I’ve lived in all my life.


Cellar Technician

I like to ride my motorcycle throw the nature and seeing animals. Being part of Cara Nord means being part of a project in the lands where my family has grown. On balance, elaborate wine here is a personal motivation.


Cellar Technician

Mountain has always been part of my life. In addition, wine and viticulture are exciting things linked directly to nature. Taking care of the whole process of elaboration is a pleasure for me.


Tourism assistant

In love with wine and meeting people. In Cara Nord Cellar I attend to tourists and winelovers, we visit the cellar together and taste wines.


Nacional manager

In my professional life, always I'm surrounded by bottles of wine. Communicate the world of wine is communicate part of my life. If I get lost one day, I'm sure they'll find me near the sea and with a glass of good wine in my hand.

our reasons for creating CARA NORD