oenological aims

transmit the sensation of altitude in the wine

Motivación enológica en Cara Nord
The goal behind CARA NORD is to make wine as the best possible representation of the grapes and the mountains on which they grow. The altitude, the minerality, the acidity, the liveliness and the boldness of these clusters of concentrated fruit must be maintained, enhanced and preserved by the daily work of oenologists.

CARA NORD wines want to become fine wines, seeking subtlety rather than power. Creating wines with elegant tannins is a priority and it is therefore very important to harvest at the moment of optimal maturation and also control the maceration and extraction of the skins.

Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks and a different protocol is followed for each grape variety.
The white wines are aged on fine lees for approximately 3 months in order to enhance their complexity in the mouth. Otherwise, the red wines are aged using selected French oak.
The enological aim is to create wines with elegance and depth, respecting the fruit, the freshness and the tension that vines grown at altitude provide, together with the creation of polished tannins and an open, frank nose.
Winemaking at CARA NORD follows no fixed rules, so with each harvest the enologists start anew, seeking to balance all the variables – climate, grapes and man.
The winemaking is directed by Tomàs Cusiné.


The new Cara Nord trepat in jar.