We practice sustainable agriculture

Vineyards at 800 m altitude with a unique microclimate

The mountain vineyards of Cara Nord Celler are at 5 km from the Monastery of Poblet, up to 800 m above sea level. They are surrounded by the National Park of the Prades Mountains and Natural Park of Poblet Forest, and lie in an area nationally classified as of geological interest. These vineyards at higher altitudes are surrounded by mountain peaks over 1,000m height, which protect their unique microclimate. Harsh winters and short summers provide the perfect conditions for the creation of grapes that are generously fruity and bold.

Viticultura en Cara Nord

Agriculture that strengthens biodiversity and protects the land

In Cara Nord Celler, sustainable agriculture is practiced with constant attention to the agricultural ecosystem. Winemaking with minimal intervention prioritizes the conservation and biodiversity of the forests that surround the vines, enabling an integrated and sustainable organic approach.
In Cara Nord Celler the vines coexist with other plant species and plant coverage is sought, thereby avoiding erosion at the same time as the ground is naturally fertilized.
The aim in Cara Nord Celler is to minimize the ecological footprint and to help protect the surrounding Natural Parks. The vineyards act as a natural firewall and also increase the biodiversity of the area, generating habitats for insects and natural predators.
Overall, the viticulture in Cara Nord Celler seeks to use farming methods that are compatible with the environment, where most of the agents for promoting growth are organic, in the belief that this will not only lead to healthier vines but will also result in the creation of finer and more integrated wines.